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An increasingly popular way to take a petit theft class is to take a theft class on line. Taking a shoplifting class online has many benefits:

  • You can take the theft class anytime of day

  • You can complete your shoplifting class at your pace

  • You can complete your petit theft class in your own home

  • You don't have to take off work to complete your theft class

  • Taking an online theft class saves transportation time and mone.

Court Accepted ... Guaranteed.

Probably any theft / shoplifting class offered online will be adequate. Students typically want something fast and easy, whereas, the courts and probation officers typically want the program to be thorough and lengthy enough to be meaningful.

We think we have done our homework and found the best organization which offers the proper balance between these two competing forces. Offender Solutions Inc. is thorough and typically meets the time preferences for those required to take their theft class. As an added bonus, theft classes typically cost somewhere between $60 and $350 - however, the Offender Solutions® Online 4 hout shoplifting / theft class only costs $45.00 and the 8 hour theft / shoplifting class is only $55

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Offender Solutions® specializes in counseling people who shoplift or steal. We counsel people who commit burglary, those who commit car theft, professional thieves, chronic theft offenders and people who have been caught shoplifting, or want help because they shoplift. We have been counseling theft offenders since 1983 and has found that if the offender is a shoplifter, stealing cars, or stealing even more directly from people, there are common thinking processes (errors) they go through. Our counseling services focus on the thinking of the theft offender.

If you would like to learn more about how we work with people who steal, you are encouraged to peruse the menu above If you are a professional who works with theft offenders/shoplifters/burglars, or people who have stolen cars you may be interested in taking a theft class. Either way please feel free to view all of the menu options outlined above. You might visit